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Win the game, before it's played

BootUp Analytics helps women's teams use data to strategically enhance player performance,

optimize recruitment, and use club resources effectively

Player Recruitment

Transform recruitment with predictive analytics and market evalution based on your team's game model. Make informed, winning decisions that shape your squad’s future.

Squad Building

Harness advanced analytics and league-specific insights for strategic roster building, optimizing your team for long-term success.

Match Analysis +
Opposition Scouting

Leverage our advanced analytics to dissect your team’s performance and scout opposition tactics, delivering strategic insights to refine your game model.

Financial Analysis

Maximize your club's financial health with our precise analysis of player salaries and transfer fees, ensuring you invest wisely and sustainably.

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We partner with any team, coach, executive, or player
who is ready to take their game to the next level using data


Club Teams

Gain a competitive advantage with data from across 20 professional leagues

International Teams

Leverage global data for informed decisions and superior tactics

Players and Agents

Empower your career with actionable data tailored to your strengths and weaknesses

Who are we?

Lucy Rowland -
CEO & Founder

A seasoned professional in football analytics, Lucy Rowland’s dedication to advancing women's soccer was ignited by Canada’s bronze medal win at the 2012 Olympics. She  has held influential roles including Director of Analytics for the San Jose Earthquakes and lead analyst for the Canadian Men's National Team during their 2022 World Cup campaign. Her foundational work with the Canadian Women's National Team showcases her commitment to enhancing the sport, using strategic insights to empower teams and elevate women’s soccer on both national and international stages. In her free time, Lucy enjoys video games, tennis, and solving puzzles.

Canada Women's
Performance Analyst

Started as a Performance Analyst with the Canadian Women's National Soccer Team, meticulously analyzing all first team matches, training sessions, and conducting detailed opposition scouting

Canada Men's
 Lead Data Analyst

Served as the Lead Analyst for the Canadian Men's National Team, on the successful qualification for the World Cup for the first time since 1986. Established Canada Soccer’s first data and analytics department and pioneered Canada's data driven match analysis

San Jose Earthquakes
Director of Analytics

Director of Analytics at San Jose Earthquakes, spearheading their inaugural data and analytics department. Led innovative player signings using machine learning-based models, setting a new standard in data-driven decision-making within the club

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